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Xmas Spirit Obituary / December 22 2004

Bah any means necessary.

Mount Crumpit Obituary / December 11 2004

Me and my heart-shaped head.

Rack 'Em Obituary / December 3 2004

I'm a white one.

World AIDS Day Obituary / December 1 2004

Did I miss the tree lighting?

Benefits of Confession Obituary / November 22 2004

At no point in my life have I hewn so closely to the stock character of Writer—solitary, smoke-bingeing, living eccentrically with cats, working from home in my New York apartment. But at the same time, I've never in my life had so many uncomfortable doubts about the moral safety of this lifestyle. For instance, several of my best friends, one best and oldest, I have to look up their phone numbers every single time I call them. It's not that I fear I don't reciprocate in kind, when I rather suspect they retain and dial mine through recourse to completely sensible electronic services I've refused to pony up for. It's that, as far as the memory banks are concerned, I simply don't call enough. I have so steeped myself in selfish solitude that to wade o'er and be an utter recluse were as tedious as turning back to be contrite. Isn't this wrong?

Gentlemen May Cry Obituary / November 17 2004

But there is no peace .

'Tis the Season Obituary / November 15 2004

As I pause to prepare my next obituary, a note of gratitude.

Friday Night Obituary / November 8 2004

Inside the holding pattern.

Late Endorsement Obituary / November 1 2004

Ralph Nader for President.

Sir Duke Obituary / September 29 2004

You can feel it all over.

Medals Obituary / September 13 2004

The Queen's face was scratched and so was that of one of her attendant ladies.

Former Address Obituary / September 9 2004

Had I stayed I might have made the worst Mrs. de Winter.

Gloria Obituary / September 7 2004

I've resolved to adopt a more positive attitude towards my work here, and to post something as often as possible, if not more so. My intention, in fact, is to rejoice. I start slowly.

Ace in the Hole Obituary / August 7 2004

I fold.

Four Score Obituary / August 2 2004

Another country, another cocktail party.

Ten Foot Hut Obituary / July 25 2004

Charity begins at home.

Protestant Work Ethic Obituary / July 12 2004

At the Seoul Olympics, she painted three of her long fingernails red, white and blue and painted a fourth gold, for the medal she was after.

Smeary Obituary / July 7 2004

They are not long, the days of Windex and roses:
Out of a misty dream
our career emerges for awhile, then closes,
With a scream.

Let Freedom Reign Obituary / June 30 2004

Imaginary gardens with real toads in them.

On the Road Again Obituary / June 22 2004

The life he loves is making music with his friends.

Penelope Obituary / June 16 2004

A man I miss.

And White Obituary / June 14 2004

It may be asked, what if a writer needs to express a very large number of similar ideas, say twenty? Must he write twenty consecutive sentences of the same pattern? On closer examination he will probably find that the difficulty is imaginary, that his twenty ideas can be classified in groups, and that he need apply the principle only within each group. Otherwise he had best avoid the difficulty by putting his statements in the form of a table.

Venus Transit Obituary / June 9 2004

I had a vision of love.

By a Nose Obituary / June 8 2004

Smarty Jones, to Ketchup a Vegetable.

Diarist Obituary / June 7 2004

What is the sound of one culture clashing?

Imprecision Obituary / June 2 2004

June and two uneven lines.

A Quick Guide to the War / May 27 2004

The abyss is just a click away.

Corn God Obituary / May 26 2004

"According to the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, humankind itself was made of corn—the gods had tried other materials and failed."

No Lifeguard on Duty Obituary / May 3 2004

Ships that pass in the night leave traces; contains myopia.

Endless, Boundless, Stable Obituary / April 27 2004

Reber remained a loner and essentially an amateur all his life.

Mission Accomplished Obituary / April 21 2004

East is North and West is South and New York City fears the sky.

Re-enactment Obituary / April 19 2004

Donning the boots and spurs for an encounter with an enemy of peace.

Blowback Obituary / April 14 2004

The largest of all imperialist powers feels in its own guts the bleeding inflicted by a poor and underdeveloped country; its fabulous economy feels the strain of the war effort. Murder is ceasing to be the most convenient business for its monopolies. Defensive weapons, and never in adequate number, are all these extraordinary soldiers have—besides love for their homeland, their society, and unsurpassed courage. But imperialism is bogging down in Vietnam, is unable to find a way out, and desperately seeks one that will overcome with dignity this dangerous situation in which it now finds itself.

Light Housekeeping Obituary / April 12 2004

President Bush understood the threat, and he understood its importance. He made clear to us that he did not want to respond to Al Qaeda one attack at a time. He told me he was tired of swatting flies.

Tips Obituary / April 10 2004

Whether you are sixteen or over sixty, remember, understatement is the rule of a fine makeup artist. Adjust your makeup to the light in which your wear it. Daylight reveals color; artificial light drains it.

Franny Obituary / April 3 2004

Always ask for jewelry.

Wine/Dark Obituary / April 1 2004

After an epic eight-year sobriety, I'm still drying out.

Flossing Obituary / March 24 2004

Four nights later, I discover a piece on the Dawn of the Dead remake; contains history.

H. medicinalis Obituary / March 20 2004

Hungering to help.

Sisters of Quiche Obituary / March 15 2004

If God is the fondue pot, the saints are the long forks; contains "Anglican" birthday wishes.

Arab Death Obituary / March 10 2004

"I have the face of a vampire, but the heart of a feminist."

Spaghetti Obituary / March 5 2004

The town that convicted Martha Stewart gets no pity from me; contains bean recipe.

Long Lost Obituary / March 4 2004

Missing a step-cousin I never knew.

English Sonnet Obituary / February 25 2004

Belated birthday wishes to a gleam upon a facet of a bead embedded in the infinitely-beaded bodice of the heaving bosom of creation.

Flight Out of Egpyt Obituary / February 23 2004

"From a very young age, he had a lot of pitfalls thrown at him. I think the church stuff is what threw him over the edge," she said. "It really put him in a place that he just couldn't come back from."

Augean Obituary / February 18 2004

Saluting a hero of hygiene.

Valenstein Obituary / February 13 2004

The standard bouquet.

Life of the Mind Obituary / February 10 2004

Toss your gay heads with Angelina Weld Grimké.

Defer, Defer Obituary / February 2 2004

Behold the Lord High Executioner
A personage of noble rank and title—
A dignified and potent officer,
Whose functions are particularly vital!

D-Major Obituary / January 28 2004

I missed Mozart's birthday by a day.

Barrel Full of Dead / January 26 2004

The new year is a mixed bag for the jaded.

Hockey Season Obituary / January 20 2004

The Halston look was based on minimal and conceptual art principles: cashmere sweaters, shirtwaist dresses, simple elegant pants, rather than "fancy dress." Even his evening wear was glamorous and sexy in its very simplicity. His color palette was ivory, black, and red, but he understood the principle of accent and emphasis, using fuschia, electric blue, and deep burgundy.

Little Red Review Obituary / January 15 2004

How many chances should one give a bad new restaurant? Allow me to consult my guide.

Chin Up Obituary / January 12 2004

Some people want to die so they can be free.

Tamping Iron Obituary / January 8 2004

I say people all over the world, join hands, start a love train.

Revenant Princess Obituary / January 6 2004

Diana, A Sequel. (Coming in 2005.)

Lion Queen Obituary / January 5 2004

When in distress, give voice.

Large Glass Obituary / January 3 2004

Glimpses of my feminine ego faltering.

Shivers Obituary / January 1 2004

The lure of the Arctic is tugging at my heart. To me the trail is calling. The old trail. The trail that is always new.