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Charles Bronson (b. Charles Buchinsky)
B. 11.3.22 Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania / D. 8.30.03 Los Angeles

The Spring Theater,
Crystal River, Florida.

Chato's Land
Viewed by a seven year old.
The Indians win in the end? Wow!
Chato killed them all
Looking proud as the credits roll!

Plastic explosives jammed into a book
Carefully put back in its bookcase.
Chato now is The Mechanic
Shooting at the book from a window
Across the street.
In the next scene
He reclines with the deadly element
Looking like silly putty
Rolling it
Between his fingers.
Reading his next
In his dimly lit living room.

"He was in The Magnificent Seven, wasn't he?" Mom whispered
To my father.

Grabbing a handful of popcorn, Dad replied
"Yes, but that was a long time ago."

Like any good son of a Marlboro Man,
I hummed five notes of the theme song,
before they quietly but firmly
told me to shush!

Late summer of 1972

Special Guest Contributor Peter Litchfield

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