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Marcel Duchamp
B. 7.28.1883 Blainville, France / D. 10.1.1968 Paris
Suddenly in sleep

a snapshot of myself at night when I bother to switch off the light while undressing
something in black and red or black and chartreuse
a well-framed still of the pantomime I perform while denying myself to the neighbors
the clock radio time bathing my naked haunches in haze
as with hands like rakes and fingers like bat song I pursue my pyjamas, both bottoms and top, into their separate hideouts
"nude fondling a bed"
doubles and dummy flannels must facilitate their efforts to elude me because I know exactly where they were
"nude persistent in fondling the same few patches of bedspread"
full-color image of my naked self, one arm withdrawing from the light switch
"woman completing a series of gestures"

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